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How to make my daughter spontaneously

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Dec 15, 2016

Hi. My daughter is very shy especially with men. She talks to my husband, brother in law and father. Apart from that she does not talk to anyone. How to make her talk spontaneously.

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| Dec 15, 2016

hi Bhanumathy Prasad! I understand your concerns. mostly children are scared by us using male characters saying 'baba will come or that ghost will appear ' when they don't eat or listen to us, even cartoons have more males playing a negative role. also male represents authority figure. in this case take the help of your hubby to break the ice. supposedly u want her to greet and talk to male relatives in the family. he could talk about them and let her know a little bit about, how u know them, how close they are to family and about their kids and so on beforehand. let her be comfortable and on her own come out of her shell. avoid forcing her to greet. the more u and your hubby will sound and appear comfortable with them, the easier it will be for her respond. hope this helps!!!

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