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How to make my daughter to drink milk or have any mild product?


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Mar 04, 2013

Hello parents,  my daughter is 2 and half years old.  she doesn't like milk or milk products.  But she eats curd and lassi.  Please give me an idea to make her drink milk.........

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| Mar 04, 2013

Curd and lassi are also milk products. If your daughter is not having milk but prefers these, please substitute milk with these milk products twice a day. Also try giving her cheese as sandwiches or on parathas. A small quantity of ice cream is permissible once in a while but what you can try home made ice creams or milk shakes with limited sugar and with real fruits. Just whip up the milk well with the fruit and freeze it. I didnt have the patience to make ice creams well, I would just freeze it and make a slush with strawberries, or mango, in summer, which my daughter was partial to.

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| Mar 04, 2013

Dear dimple , if your daughter is having curd , lassi and other dairy and calcium rich products i don't think you should worry about the milk intake... it is known that once you stop fussing over an issue your child is definitely bound to bounce back... i know this as my daughter went through the same phase and now she is 7 and asks for milk every morning; my daughter loves yakult- the probiotic drink ... that is how she started drinking... hope this helps

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