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How to make my kid leave drinking milk from bottle

1 to 3 years

Created by Rashmi Bhat
Updated on Jul 06, 2015

My 2. 5 yrs kid is drinking milk from bottle. How to make her leave it. At school she wont ask, bt as she returns starts asking. Pls any solution?

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| Jul 30, 2015

Hi rashmi, you can hide her bottle when she is sleeping. If this doesn't work you can apply some shikakai paste or bitter gourd paste on the bottle before she starts drinking the milk. Due its bitterness taste, she will definitely leave bottle..

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| Jul 07, 2015

Thanks Tina and Leesha for the suggestion :)

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| Jul 07, 2015

Nice suggestions Tina... I never give bottle to .my daughter... she is eleven months now. But my grandma use to say that she use to put red chilly on the nipple of bottle and babies quit it. I thought I should share it wid u. May b it helps.

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| Jul 06, 2015

Hi Rashmi Bhat You may try these- 1. Introduce some attractive cups and sippers to her. May be a small version of ur cup so that u can show big one is for mumma and small one is for angel 2. Appreciate her when she agrees to drink from that cup. 3. Tell her that she'll get something good if she finishes the milk, and that good could be anything which she likes and not necessarily monetary. 4. If she watches cartoons then tell her that her favorite cartoon character also drinks milk in a similar cup. Hope it helps.

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