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How to make my kids friends with each other

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Updated on Nov 27, 2015

My 15 yr old daughter n 10yr old son they fight n argue with each other often not even a single min the play nice,what shall I do to make them affectionate. Pls help.

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| Dec 01, 2015

Thank u so much il follow

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| Nov 28, 2015

Hi Feji! What u have mentioned is every household's story. Sibling rivalry is common at this age and can sometimes go on till adulthood. Here are some tips on What you should avoid doing to keep it at bay : a. avoid comparisons between siblings and thereby Giving equal importance to both b. Avoid asking one to follow the footsteps of other c. Avoid personal bias by taking side of younger one or older one. e. Avoid scolding one for another f. Avoid addressing their complaints for each other and tell them to solve issues at their level and if the complaint reaches u, it will call for punishment for both of them. Now what should u do to improve their bonding:A. Respect both kids equally for their talents and uniqueness. B. Insist on giving respect to each other C. Insist on both of them doing special things for each other like making cards or giving token gifts on their special days. D. praise both when they have been good with each other E. insist on both helping each other in school's work or studies etc. D. Give favors to both by making their favorite dishes on alternate days E. If u have to choose between who will do first : motivate them to give another person the first chance and if this doesn't work use lottery system to avoid showing personal bias. F. Share their childhood stories on how much they used to adore each other G. Make a collage of their childhood pics for display. H. Make sure they do one gesture everyday for each other which strengthens this bond for ex: giving first chance to other person or dividing a chapaati in half in whosevers plate it comes first. Instill the virtue of sharing and respect for each other and practice it even when not at home. I know these tips would take time and effort in bringing a change but still u will not be able to do away completely with arguments and fights which are also also an essential part of any relationship so let them be when they are at it. hope this helps!

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