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How to make my son sleep all through the night?

Rajul Sisodia

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Feb 10, 2016

Hi all, my son is 8. 5 mnths old. He takes feed every 2-3 hrs in night, currently i am able to feed him, but when i wont be able to feed then he will have issues. What can i do so that he sleeps all through the night or atleast 4-5 hrs on a stretch. Also doesn a 8 mnth old kid sleep through night?

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Sarthak Jain

| May 27, 2016

I m also facing the same problem. At present my son is of 5 1/2 months old. he also gets up at night in every 2 or 3 hrs for milk. pls suggest

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Punav Arya

| Feb 12, 2016

Yes. I am facing the same issue. My son will be 1 yr old This month and he wakes up atleast 2ce even after a full dinner. I wonder how ill manage after i start work again

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John Azavedo

| Feb 11, 2016

My baby is 2. 5 months old and I am worried that she is not looking at us when we talk to her she just moves her head sideways. Please suggest...

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Devi Elango

| Feb 11, 2016

Hi,My girl also 8. 5 months old. am giving her Trifer iron drops as our pediatrician suggested. She started to sleep at night for the past 2 weeks. you can consult your doctor.

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