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how to make study interesting and how can make distance from TV

3 to 7 years

Created by Nisha Shah
Updated on Nov 02, 2017

I was try to make fun in study but not success

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| Nov 03, 2017

Children of your child's age learn and explore through play. Every moment in his day is an opportunity to learn. Study time doesn't mean he should use paper and pencil. In his day to day activities, see what you can teach depending on his interest using the things that are available. First of all for any aged children, readiness is very important. See when is the right time for him to learn, when he is awake, calm, refreshed, interested in listening and not tired or overstimulated bursting with energy. Then look for ways that will motivate him to learn. It can be through his toys, board games, or while playing in the park, while talking with family members, while reading books and so on. At this age, Main focus is on language skills, math skills and on the things that he can relate with. Read a lot of picture books, get involved in his activities or games. Go through these links for some ideas.

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| Nov 02, 2017

hi Nisha Shah ! mai aapka concern samjh sakti hoon. aap bachey ka preferential style of learning samjhne ki koshish karey. jaise ki usey jaldi kaise samjh aata hai ,dekh kar, sun kar ya khud karke.. aap waise hi activites plan karey.. bacchey ko ek stimulating environment provide karey , jisme woh toys, books , activity material ko use kar sakey.. uske questions ko answer karey. uskey saath topics par discussion karey.. use visits ke liye museums, park, libraries, zoo , lekar jayein.. please is blog ko padhiye issey aapko madad milegi. Hey! I find this parent blog really interesting. I suggest you have a look too:

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| Nov 02, 2017

please give me solution

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