how to manage aggressive kids?

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Mar 23, 2017

how to control verbal language

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| Mar 23, 2017

hi Swapna! how old is your child? has he started going to formal school? what do you think where is he learning this language from? is it possible to work on the source in the sense if it's an adult whom the child is imitating , then requesting him to mind his language in front of the child and if it's aggressive videos , cartoons then making sure he doesn't watch these and if it's a friend or agemate then making sure he maintains distance from him? work on these lines and discuss politely with the child it's not okay to use such a language and if he does he will not be considered a ' good boy' and everyone will have a wrong image and think badly about him. it's possible he might loose friends. reinforce use of "sorry, thank you, please" in every day language by praising him when he talks nicely. hope this helps!

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