how to manage the two kids in different ways

3 to 7 years

Created by Preeti Singh
Updated on Apr 25, 2017

difficult for me together

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| Apr 26, 2017

hi Varsha Accha! u could take support of your parents and either request them to stay with u or u could stay with them , till children grow up. if that's not feasible , u could hire a part time maid , who could help u with tasks. u need to tell your hubby since he can't support u, u r having a household help. he will have to choose between the two options.

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| Apr 26, 2017

but wt if family members r not supportive

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| Apr 25, 2017

hi Preeti Singh! I completely understand your concerns and most of the mothers who have 2 children would agree with u, it's indeed very difficult to deal with two children of different age groups. since your elder one would need most of your time in teaching him and studies, u could even involve other family members in bathing and getting him ready . on the other hand your lil one needs you for all his basic needs such as feeding ,bathing, toilet training (if he's not trained till now) . u could make him join playschool which would allow u to have some spare time for yourself. either involve family members or take help of helper (Maid) full /part time and delegate work . tkcare Preeti

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