How to officially have water fun for babies?

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Updated on Aug 29, 2019

From the perspectives of psychologists, water is like sand, and is the best gift that nature gives to children. Because water and sand have a common feature, that is, they have no fixed shape, so children can play as they want. Moreover, children are particularly interested in toys with different kinds of shapes and dynamics in some way that are in line with their own mental level. In this case, water is suitable for children at all stages, and each kid can follow their own hobbies in playing. Do it at home. It’s just so easy. Today, I will introduce some water games for 1-6 year old babies. They are easy to operate. You can even try to play it after reading. a. Hands washing What you need:Soap, towel, stool Parents need to show children how to wash hands first step by step: clean your fingers first, clean while closing your fingers, then rub your hands and palms. Finally, rinse off the bubbles made by using soap on the hands, and wipe the hands with a towel. "Babies will like to watch such things changing which is fun. Then, they will want to try and do it again themselves”. Babies can stand on the stool and wash their hands. They will feel proud of doing such thing. B. Dishes washing What you need: several small bowls, two pots, right amount of detergent Before washing the dishes, put the children on the aprons, add water and detergent in a basin, and just add water in another basin. After washing the dishes, the children need to lay out the bowls then take off the aprons. The entire dish-washing process begins with the apron and ends with the aprons. The iconic movement of wearing the aprons helps the children establish the concept of beginning and ending. C. Sucking water with sponge What you need: a bowl that can float, a sponge Put a bowl which is as big as possible in bathtub, and it should be able to float. Then it’s time for demonstration: put the sponge into the water, make it suck the water, then pick it up, hold it above the empty bowl, squeeze the water to go to the bowl. After the demonstration, it’s time for babies to have fun. When the baby is playing, it is not necessary to strictly follow the steps made by parents. After the sponge absorbs water, the water can be made into the bowl, the bathtub, or even be out of the bathtub. It doesn't matter. The main purpose of the game is to let the babies know that the sponge can absorb water, and then squeeze the water out of the sponge. The whole process can be a little bit scientific too, because of the soaking up process that is water molecules are highly attracted to one another so that’s why the water easily goes to the sponge. D. Water fun can meet babies’ emotional need Some parents think that their babies are too early to swim, but in fact, playing with water is completely fine. In addition to playing, it is also important to involve parents to develop and promote parenting relationship. FZBLUE Baby iSwim can bring solutions to aquatic parenting interactions and solve the problem of not being able to interact with your baby on the water. Baby iSwim has remote control, and mum can try to control the swim ring with it, while the kid can fetch the ball thrown by his or her dad on the water while driving the swim ring during the water game. See, family fun easily created! There is also a Child Safety Lock on the remote control to prevent the baby from controlling the swim ring, if he is not willing to go ashore or he encounters other situations on the water. The parents can then have priority of the swim ring after locking. Compared to ordinary swimming ring, it's more fun on the water, and even makes children think it's a water tour all the way!

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| Aug 29, 2019

hi FZBLUE BABY ! what is that you are expecting from Parentune and proparents here?

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| Aug 30, 2019

We are advising all little things that matter during parenting moments between parents and their babies. It's all for their own growth when they are on their way. And we are expecting nothing but a little influence from those parents in need especially for those who have kids. Hope what we are posting would help at least.

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