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how to plan a diet for my 4 year old son

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Jun 05, 2019

my son is 4 years old and his weight is only 14 kg is that thexactual weight for a 4 year old boy.... please suggest me some nutritious foods so that i can give him to gain his weight and height .....please plan a diet for me right from morning till bed time.....

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| Jun 05, 2019

hi Priyanka Das ! average weight of a 4 year old would be around 18 kgs. u could give paneer dosa or paneer prantha in breakfast ;a fruit in snack;egg curry, dal, curd, roti or rice, salads jn lunch; poha, upma loaded with veggies in evening again in the evening, and non veg, dal, roti in dinner. give two cups of milk in a day.

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