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How to react when your kid is being hit or pushed during play time or at school

1 to 3 years

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Updated on Feb 04, 2016

Toddlers are unable to deal with emotional excitement when their peer start enjoying the play that it gets aggressive. The start hitting or pushing each other and some get hurt in the process. Sadly my son being the one to get hurt mostly makes me feel bad and find a solution to avoid it or prepare him to face it. Many times I warn the other kids not to do so but cannot go beyond that point coz he is someone else kid. Same time my mother instinct does not let me to teach my kid to hit back. In the long run I don't want my kid to get used to being weak and get hit. Please help me to find a solution to save my kid from being pushed around and prep him to face such instance in future. Thanks

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| Feb 04, 2016

Hi Rukmani! I understand from the point of view of a mother yr concerns are justified. No mother can see her child being pushed or roughed up by other kids. But I would advise you to let yr child learn to defend himself without intervening. keep a watch that he is not being hurt and immediately remove him if such a situation arise. If there is just one particular child who has been doing so u could forewarn yr child to maintain safe distance from him but if he always ends up being roughed up by everyone let him learn to defend himself. I am sure he will be fine and face the situation bravely and come out of it strong. I appreciate that u haven't taught yr child to hit back. Kids are smart and know how to behave with whom. Having said that do keep a watch that situation doesn't go out of hand. Hope this helps!

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