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How to remove his shyness

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Updated on May 06, 2017

I want him not to be shy .in fact I know that coz of teenage it happens BT problem is when other children of same age are bold and confident it makes him more to feel inferior before them. when he feels lack of confidence it makes him more shy.

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| May 06, 2017

hi Manu Bhardwaj! how r u ! I completely understand your concerns! Manu we need to understand here what makes him feel so. is it because he feels less in any way because of his physical characteristics, or he' s not able to adjust with his peers group and hence feels to be not at par with them or an outcast, or he feels he's not talented like his agemates or due to any other reasons such as language etc . . in all the cases ur role as a parent becomes important. u need to talk to him as a friend and make him understand​ it's not how u look , how others see u, or how they behave with u, that should make u decide your self worth. it's who u r , what u think about yourself and your strengths that make u who u r and u r unique . keep on emphasising his strengths, his good traits. Manu he is going through a phase where he feels he is neither a child nor an adult plus increasing role of peer group, raging hormones, physical changes, expectations of family from him all this are too overwhelming for a teenager to deal with. it's advisable to guide him as a friend and take him for a walk, go out for a dinner , or a movie and connect better with him. help him sail through this difficult phase by being his constant support .once he will have a positive self image because his own people are happy and respect the way he is , he will start gaining confidence. I hope this will help u deal better with your child!

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