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Updated on Nov 07, 2013

Hi :   My hubby would be travelling abroad for a long stint.   Self and my daughter will be in India itself.   My daughter is very attached to her dad so I am wondering how to tell her about this new development.     Fellow parents can you please give me some suggestions.   Cheers....    

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| Nov 12, 2013

hey nirmala!! is always tough for a child to understand such situations and it may take a while before the child adjusts to the new scenario. One thing that may help is to do a dry run of the situation. Having her dad on skype / facetime while he is still here may help her understand a bit ... also when the time actually comes, setting up a routine will also help. You could have a predecided convenient time for a phone call or a video call and every time your child is fussy of missing her father you could reassure her and remind her of the set time when she will get to speak to him or see him on the computer or phone... apps on the phone that can enable the sending of pictures are also handy, i use it myself when my husband is travelling... my daughter sends him random clicks that she has clicked and he coments on it as soon as he can and that reassures my daughter that dad is just a click away... hope this helps...

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| Nov 09, 2013

Start preparing your daughter that her father would be travelling and he will talk to her on phone, skype, facetime... tell her all dads travel. I do that with my daughter, Trust me first night and the next day is tough.. but then slowly they would settle.

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| Nov 08, 2013

ooppsss... tough situation... i think you can talk abt some things lik her school trip or picnic whn she left u both home.. hope she understands well.. one thng i make my chiild understand is that dad goes to office and son to school... this way he even relates holidays now..

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