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How to start a habit of learning in the child if his age is 10 years?

7 to 11 years

Created by Raj Thanvi
Updated on Oct 01, 2017

Child's reading habit

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| Oct 05, 2017


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| Oct 02, 2017

Hi Raj Thanvi, for a non-reader, reading aloud to him would definitely work. He is not too old to be read to. Moreover it's easier to comprehend while listening than reading. And if he hates reading, keep non fiction away for a while. Graphic novels will be a great choice as the illustrations make it more appealing.. get a membership in library and visit often to find his choice of interest. Fantasy and humor are great hits among this aged children. If he likes fantasy start with spiderwick chronicles as it's a simple book with an interesting plot. For humor try diary of wimpy kid, big Nate or Tom gates. In graphic novels, for humor he can try big Nate, Garfield. In realistic fiction try El deafo ( it's a graphic novel) or wonder. In historic fiction try the boy in striped pajama. Or you can also select books which are made into movies so he xanbwatchbtyem after reading the book such as diary of wimpy kid, wonder( will be released soon), Matilda, Charlie and the chocolate factory etc.

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| Oct 02, 2017

Ty mam

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| Oct 01, 2017

hi Raj Thanvi ! begin with things he is interested in, is it science , fiction, comic, real life based stories.. ? buy him books of his choice. let him begin with reading a page or two. gradually as he finds interest in it, he would himself get hooked on to it, until he finishes the book. make reading a ritual in ur house. when he finishes a story , ask him questions , carry on discussions on the same.. be a role model for him and read books. within few weeks reading would become a habit. hopw this helps!

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