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how to stop destructive behaviour of my child ?

1 to 3 years

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Updated on Oct 11, 2016

My son is 1year and 10 months very naughty and destructive in nature. All of a sudden while playing, laughing, dancing he will come and throw objects at you, will hit you at times h e may also bute you. I have been trying to explain him a lot many times not to do such things but seems if no use. He does things out of excitement.

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| Oct 11, 2016

hi Rimi Mishra! hope u r doing well! I understand your concerns. Rimi he is playful and doesn't understand the repercussions of throwing things and how precious that thing is for u. probably scolding and hearing No again and again makes him further enjoy his game with no bad intentions. it's advisable to keep fragile as well as costly items away from his sight. also divert his attention when u feel he is going to do something of this sort. when he doesn't do such things praise him and hug him so that he knows by not doing so he will be loved. this is his age of experimentation. he would see things , try to manoeuvre them and when all this is done he would throw it away and the expressions on your face plus your reactions would further add to his delight. as far as biting is concerned , help him express how he feels. for instance Vedant are u happy ?Vedant are u upset with someone , share with Mumma how do u feel? so by helping him express how exactly he feels , u r teaching him another harmless way of expressing himself. Rimi praise and motivation would do wonders in this case. shower your love on him , hug him and take him in your lap. give age appropriate toys to him such as blocks, play dough , puzzles etc . spend some exclusive moments playing with him. take him to the park . hope this helps!

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