How to stop other child bitting scratching your child !

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Updated on Apr 09, 2015

Both are same age kids and gud friends but other child bites and scratch ,leaves my baby crying. I don't want her to pick up habit of hitting n bitting other kids .pls help how to understand kids not to bite n scratch.

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| Apr 17, 2015

Thank you everyone for posting suggestions,I did have tried few trick to divert other child mind. yeah its true she hits n bite my child when she has nothing else to do like sitting idle in car or fight for toys.

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| Apr 10, 2015

Shradha, children choose to bite or scratch when they are frustrated, disappointed or angry as they dont have the language skills to communicate their feelings. So keep a watch on what triggers the other child to bite or scratch. If you foresee that there is going to be an incident, intervene and separate the children from each other. Being kind and warm to the other child and your child could easily solve the problem. If you find your child getting hurt by another child, tell the other child in a warm and friendly way " sweetheart, no biting. It hurts. See, your friend is hurt and she is sad. " focus on the feeling of the child and also give her a solution how she can solve the issue. If the other child is upset because your child didn't want to share her toys or she snatched a toy, you could tell her " you come and tell me or your mommy if something upsets you". It's okay to talk to the other child if her mom is present. If you talk to the child in loving way, I am sure she won't get offended and she may pitch in to help. Talking to the aggressive child will be more effective if the intervention is done by the person in charge. her mom or the teacher (if the incident happens in playschool)

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| Apr 09, 2015

Hi Shradha! I can understand yr concern. kids are unable to diffentiate between right and wrong behavior. They very quickly imitate behavior that is shown by peers or older Kids and even adults. The best way would be to 1. Do a puppet play with yr child wherein u could show how a child who was hurt by the other child started to bleed and had to be taken to doc. 2. u could narrate stories in which the moral of the story could be hurting others is bad. 3. Also you could teach yr child how to protect himself from the other child who bites by maintaining safe distance from him when he is about to hurt yr child. 4. it is advisable to talk to teachers and parents to help this child in question to unlearn this behavior. 5. U need to understand when and y does the child in question project this behavior. Help him overcome this situation in a more constructive manner. This can be done by inviting him home along with parents on a play date or taking help of a counselor.

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