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M Tsmung Guite
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Updated on Oct 05, 2015

As my child is 11months old how would i know when he is sick.

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| Oct 10, 2015

My daughter is 11 months. She sleeps too late at night. She get up late in the morning. It makes me irritating because of her schedule. Please suggest me.. What should I do... My husband comes late at night

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| Oct 05, 2015

Hi M tsmung Guite, a child has his own ways of communicating his discomfort due to illness. some of the symptoms will be, refusal to feed/eat/drink, unable to sleep, crankiness, crying excessively, listlessness, low on energy, no interest in activities that the child otherwise enjoys. These things iwll give you a hint of an onset of an illness or an illness. Injuries you can identify if the child cries when touched on a particular spot. Diaper rash etc too are indentified in the similar way--a redness, or when cleaning if he cries. Also, a change in the colour and parlor of the child, a change or unnatural smell in the stools. Any internal illness can be noticed by fever. Hope this helps.

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