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how to talk to children in english

3 to 7 years

Created by Swati
Updated on Aug 14, 2016

every time I go to my son's school his teacher said talk to child in english. I will try at home but he did not pick up.. what can I do has age is 4. 9

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| Aug 15, 2016

Hi Swati, In addition to talking to your child in english, keep repeating the sentence in your mother tongue too so he can relate the sentences/ words and learn them. or Either of the parent can talk to him in english and the other in mother tongue. Another important point to note is not to find faults (grammatical mistakes) when he tries to speak. Children have to feel comfortable and confident in speaking. So ensure you don't disappoint him by pointing out the mistakes. Instead, you could repeat the same sentence he said, in a question format with the correct word so it doesn't look like you find mistakes. for e. g if he says "today at school we sticked some pictures on our notebook", Repeat the sentence "you stuck some pictures? that sounds like fun. what pictures did you stick?" Keep the conversation going. Children always observe us. They automatically try to imitate us. They also try to experiment by using the newly learnt words in their conversation. If the usage is wrong, you can repeat the sentence with the right word and to just let him know the correct usage of the new word, you could try using it in another sentence during a conversation.

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| Aug 14, 2016

hi Swati! how r u! converse in English with your hubby and also with your child. make sure when u speak to him u r not talking too fast. repeat words for him if he doesn't understand. make reading books a ritual at home. u could also read out bedtime story to him everyday .mark difficult words and make him practice writing and use these in simple sentences at home. praise him when he speaks in English , reward him with a star or a smiley . don't force him but continue speaking in English in front of him. he will soon pick up words by listening to you. hope this helps!

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| Aug 14, 2016

hi swati... talk to him in English wenever possible ask even ur husband n other family members to do that... show him some English cartoon series on YouTube for sometime daily... make it a strict discipline to watch only sometime n no more cos it ll become addiction... my son speaks very fluently cos of watching English cartoon n v speak to him.... all the best

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