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How to teach good manners ?

1 to 3 years

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Updated on Dec 11, 2015

Hi all , My child is 1. 6 years old and is very naughty. i need to know a way how to make him understand which is right and wrong. he is very stubborn and does what he wants to do .

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| Dec 11, 2015

Hi Deepika! For kids as small as newborn till around 1 year 6 months,the id is very strong and they want what they want and whenever they want. supposedly, a child is hungry his only way to satisfy his need would be to cry and he would not stop until his need is met. So, by around end of 2 years when ego would replace id, he would understand that his demands might not be met immediately and might understand the role of his environment. So he would understand that the demand to be fed might have to wait as parent is busy, unwell or there is no milk. He would learn to wait, provided the parent is successful in communicating the exact reason in a polite manner. So as Rayhaan is going through this stage i. e. understanding the role of his environment, it is advisable please try and communicate the reason behind your inability to fulfill his demand. Make sure u r polite, not angry and firm in your tone. The more u would be harsh in your tone, more he would retaliate and repeat the same thing 'I want it'and it might end up into a scene with him crying in the end and u ultimately fulfilling it. Please avoid saying No to everything and fulfill what is feasible and right for him. this way he would trust and have respect for u and would also follow your instructions. Help him develop a strong personality by having faith in u, that Mummy would do what's best for me and if I am denied something it is for a valid reason. Hope this works!

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