how to work on good behaviour and healthy eating habits??

3 to 7 years

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Updated on May 01, 2016

i want your suggestion as she is pampered and doesnot really follows instructions most of time

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| May 02, 2016

Hi Anchal! Your daughter has a lovely name and I am sure she is adorable. First child is always pampered can't help it as she is the one who teaches us how its to be a parent. I believe we learn more from our kids rather than vice versa. Since she has taught u what can spoil her , u can bring a change in yourself but with no change in love for her. For instance if u feel outside food or ready to eats or junk food are making her obese and unhealthy try and make for her healthier colourful attractive options at home. Say roti pizza with lots of veggies or custard with lots of fruits.. make a story and narrate with each spoon how a piglet became a strong pig by eating the same custard and saved her Mommy from a big lion . Just show your fridge has run out of supplies for all those junks and has been replaced by all the healthier options like veggies and fruits. Take her along for veggie shopping let her learn the name and nutritional value and benefits of eating a particular veggie and make her watch how its cooked. Let her decorate the dish with coriander or anything else and name it after her .Even if she tastes two spoons to begin with ,count it as a successful attempt. Weaning off is not easy and takes time so patience is the key in this case. To make her listen to u, make her sit and discuss what u expect from her. If she doesn't agree , give her options. Praise her, reward her and hug her when she obeys to u. Be polite and firm in your tone while talking to her. Hope this helps !

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