How to you keep your child away from the TV?

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Updated on May 13, 2014

It is time to share your comments on our weekly discussion. We would like to know from you ‘What is that effective one strategy which you use to take your child away from TV’.

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| Sep 14, 2014

Hi all. thanks for the ideas. Need some more thoughts for boys!!!!!!! in this winter. the winter just started and no option to go out.

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| May 17, 2014

I have set them routine even from the time they were young. so only fri nights is some kidss movies. Otherwise they play outdoor games , lot of reading, I too play with them. so im happy this way .Even when elders are around I strictly tell them to go to their room.

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| May 16, 2014

My son is 4yrs now. When he was 3 he was an ardent fan of chotta bheem. He wouldn't want to see anything other than bheem. He used to watch aatleast 3-4 hours of TV. As days passed, he became addictef to oggy and roaches. Even in the dream he started talking about oggy. That is when I realized the impact it is making. I decided to make a shift over after discussing with my wife. Before I go to office, I put him a list. The list had all activities like painting, coloring, playing in the park, inspect cooking and finally some tv. I made him understand the side effects of watching tv for longer hours. The ill effect it will have on his eyes. He did agree 20-30per with me. He would follow the list with no interest, but as .days passed he got used to it. Now he knows when to watch tv and tuhe time he spend with the tv has reduced considerably. I also take him for cycling/swimming when ever possible.

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Leena Jha

| May 14, 2014

Lead by example. You and your partner too stay away from TV. Don't send the message that this is "the" only medium to spend your free time. Fix a Tv time for your family and try to adhere to it. Include every ones interest and even though you hate watching cartoons, sit with him/her and watch.

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Nisha Menon

| May 14, 2014

TV has became a basic necessity and it's hard to get rid of being a tv addict. My daughter insists on watching tv while eating her breakfast and dinner and I acknowledge her request only for these 2times during the day. The rest of her time I give her colors and blank papers to scribble. When I read newspaper or novels I read out loud for so she pays attention to me.

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