how we motivate to child for studies

7 to 11 years

Created by Swati Sharma
Updated on Aug 30, 2017

studies motivation

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| Aug 30, 2017

hi Swati! u have a very pertinent question. these days the only thing children are lacking is motivation . they begin with a task but then due to lack of motivation leave it mid way.. it's important that they love what they are doing, then only they would be able to carry it on . if they would take it as a burden or would do as somebody else wants them to do it, they would have a troubled time doing it. it's advisable to ignite that love for studies by motivating her , giving her pep talk, focusing on her strengths, and motivating her through those . remind her of her achievements. gradually begin with setting her routine ,and help her stick to it. make her study for 45 minutes followed by 7 to 10 minutes break and then she could change the subject. ascertain her preferential style of learning, teach her through diagrams, flowchart, organize quiz, experiments , day to day life examples, visit to relevant place. keep a tab on her everyday performance at school. make her revise her school work regularly. give her timed test papers. praise her for her genuine efforts. hope this would help!

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| Aug 30, 2017

I think we should give gamified experience to our child while studying. So they start studying themselves like a game. :)

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