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Hw to make my daughter to sit and study......

11 to 16 years

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Updated on Jun 17, 2015

Hw to make my daughter to sit and study. She is not at all concentrating in her studies... she vl study 2 question and answer and she start to do something else........ she s studying 6th std n CBSE pattern school..... what do to iam worried so much....... pls guide me......

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| Jun 17, 2015

Hi Suganthy Senthilnathan Pls refer to an earlier talk on similar topic-

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| Aug 27, 2015

Smart ideas

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| Sep 15, 2015

Hi Suganthy, I too face a similar problem with my son. I also read else where that for bringing in focus and concentration split up the study time into time periods of 25-30 minutes each with a break of 5 minutes. This is also know as the Pomodoro technique. And in case she wants to take up some other subject after doing 2-3 questions in one subject.. in my opinion you should allow her to do the same as interleaving helps in better memory retention... This has helped me a lot... Hope its of use to you as well

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| Oct 09, 2015

An exactly same problem is being faced by me and my son is also in the sixth std. But with him if you are by his side all the time while studying he can study for at least 45 mins but once you move away he is also out of his chair . I too am worried because we as parents cannot be by their side all the time

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