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Updated on Oct 24, 2018

What hygiene measures should be adopted for a 5 year old school going kid apart from the basics? What extra precautions do you take?

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| Nov 22, 2018

for my childreb it is strict handwash with Dettol after playtime and before meals. Apart from that I give them almonds and walnuts regularly and lots of fruits and vegetables...

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| Nov 08, 2018

A god hand wash regime is something I struggled to inculcate in my 5 year old son, I am glad that he now he finally does it himself without me having to constantly remind him.... Keeping the hygiene aspect in mind I add some dettol in our laundry as well, I also soak all the vegetables in turmeric powder and salt before using them...

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| Oct 29, 2018

hey Swati Shrivastava ! handwashing as a habit before eating anything is important. moreover, keeping a hankerchief to clean one's nose, wipe off any dirt is an important habit you can inculcate in your child right from an early age. your child can be coached to use the hackerchief while sneezing or coughing. food habits-not having open food items is important given that children are in outside environment.

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| Oct 25, 2018

hi Swati Shrivastava ! that's a very apt question . I believe first and foremost parents need to follow hygienic practices themselves so that kids could imitate.. also pack a tissue, sanitiser and a reminder note pasted on lunch box, to wash hands before having it with a lovely message such as 'I love u baby, Takecare!' woukd not only make his day but would also take care of the hygiene part..

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