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Updated on Sep 14, 2018

Hi moms, my children come back from Park and immediately want to eat as they feel hungry. They become so restless that they don't even want to wash their hands and face but it's always unhygienic when you come from outside. Do you have such situations?

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| Sep 20, 2018

I used to have a similar problem. My son would just grab a biscuit or wafer without washing hands in spite of me constantly reminding him. And then one day he fell really ill and that was a lesson for him. Since then he always washes his hands before eating. I also send a dettol sanitiser with him to school so that he can clean his hands even if water is not available.

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| Sep 16, 2018

i had that problem with my son sometime back so i used to sing a song the minute he would enter the house after play..... it was a made up washeeee washeee song... my sis-in-law currently sings the dettol song for her 4 yo girl.... you know dettol dettol ho... that one. seems to get the job done!

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| Sep 14, 2018

hi Geethica Mehra ! yes ! this happens many a times,that kids do not wash their hands.. but since the beginning I have ensured they do it by washing hands myself along with them before serving them food . this motivates them as they know it's a ritual which is being practiced religiously in our home and there is no other way to it..

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