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Updated on Jan 20, 2017

Hii my daughter Aarya is of 5. 6 yrs .she is hyper active child but becomes out of control at public places.. it becomes hard for me to manage her at times so i slap her often to control her. Nowdays she cries very often if some one praises other child infront of her .How to manage her

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| Jan 21, 2017

Hi Monika, here's a blog that may help you-

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| Jan 22, 2017

sound s like my story my lil one is fine usually but in public has started yelling and screaming , now I just stand for couple of minutes and whisper can I ask my angel to behave most time it works . now at restaurants I carry a pad and some pencil she is busy . In malls well me and hubby take turns running her around

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| Jan 29, 2017

Hi, I face same problem sometimes. Let me know or WhatsApp me on 9969962884 if you have solution.

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| Apr 04, 2017

kids are like mirror they behaves as they see.. if we regularly argue or talk loud to them they caught that quality.. so try to communicate with your child in a polite and soft way, try some other words like 'thats not good' 'you are a good baby I know' speak positive not negative!! negative words give wrong impact on kids mind, 'you are bad so you are doing it'.. and try to understand if he or she is fine physically and mentally in any environment.. try to communicate.. try one thing which personally helped me , kids love when we awake them in the morning with music and dance, that will make your and your kids day awesome..

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