Hyper baby boy

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Sep 19, 2016

He doesnt listen to me at all.. vatevr i say he says no

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| Sep 19, 2016

hi Priyanka Gupta ! hope u r doing good! I can understand your concerns. Priyanka try reframing your sentence. for instance u want him to come on the dinner table. u could say in firm yet soft tone. 'baby I want u to finish off this activity (whatever he is doing) in next 10minutes and come to the dinner table'. give a reminder after 5 minutes 'baby we r waiting , 5 minutes to go'. By doing this we are not all of a sudden asking him to give an abrupt end to the activity he was so much engrossed in. rather we are giving him time to wind up and an then proceed to next one. praise him when he follows u. Also avoid saying 'No' too often. for instance 'no u can't watch TV now'; ' no this is not the time to go out and play' and u could reframe your sentence and say 'we can watch TV for next 5 minutes and then we will do Sums ( whatever u expect him to do)'. Priyanka by doing so we are giving him the authority to end the previous task the way he wants to and not abruptly and on a mutual consent go on to the next activity. shower your love on him and try and understand what works best on him. hope this helps!

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| Dec 07, 2016

thanku so mch shikha ji

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