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Created by Yatin Sangoi
Updated on Nov 30, 2012

my 2 year old boy "Krishnav" is very hyper, gets angry very fast. he cries for milk, wants to pour it himself, want to do everything himself. if denied, he gets angry and starts crying. please help me out here.

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| Dec 02, 2012

Thanx Anurima, this looks simple, let me try it. at times he obeys, but most of the times, its hard to handle him. Thanx for ur inputs Neetu.

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| Dec 01, 2012

Absolutely agree with Anurima, still works with my 11 year old. Just let the tantrum or a genuine outburst of bad mood pass, appear unaffected and see a different outcome to the situation. Also, mostly we don't let our little ones do things because of the mess we will have to clear up later, but denying them altogether only makes them more determined since the curiosity never got settled. For all you know, after a few times he has been allowed, your child may just lose interest in doing that particular thing! I also feel we tend to allow them only things that are convenient for us, for example, we will ask our little girls to roll chappatis, help in the kitchen tit bits because its a delightful experience for us also somewhere. As long as the child is not getting hurt, I feel its okay to let go of the control at times. It does require a lot of patience though.. All the best!

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| Nov 30, 2012

If it helps Yatin, my daughter is almost 4 years old and still has these tantrum episodes from time to time. I ignore her completely and by now she has learnt to read my mood and even my silence :) Good luck and dont worry, it is a passing phase.

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| Nov 30, 2012

Hi Yatin. Welcome Krishnav to the 'terrible twos'! This is a phase all children of this age go through. They can throw a tantrum, cry and be happy.. all in one hour. It is not easy for us as parents to keep calm through such fits, but a bright side to this is they grow out of it :) When he has a fit of this type, you can try and ignore him unless he is hurting somebody. There is no point in trying to reason with him or explain the matter to him when he are at that state of mind. Once he is calm, you can try and explain what he should have done, or should have said (as in the tone he should have used). Try to avoid saying No altogether as this may make him more mad. When he wants to pour milk, let him pour a little bit (10-15ml) into the bottle or give him some water to pour into another glass or bottle. If he wants to dress up by himself, give him a chance to try and offer help if you see him struggling. At this age, they are developing a sense of independence and curiosity. Please try & stay calm in such situations as if you shout or get angry, he will get more upset and take longer to calm down. Please dont forget to praise or appreciate when he does something good.

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