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Hyperactive/ quickly boredom/ intelligent but don’t want to write

7 to 11 years

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Updated on Nov 05, 2017

My son is hyperactive and very quickly get bore from any new thing wether study or toys or game. He understands the concepts and verbally strong but very lethargic in writing down the school work. He just want to finish work wether untidy or non readable. He tried to finished his last test of 3 hours in just 30 minutes just to avoid sitting and writing. Any specific suggestions to improve on this.

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| Nov 05, 2017

hi Manish Dogra ! I do understand your concern. make him write a page everyday to begin with. he could use color pencils to underline ,or see pics. u need to see what make writing interesting for him. give him smileys stickers or whatever works with him. set a timer say 15 minutes in which he needs to write nearly .here is a blog,in which u would find handy tips on how to make writing an interesting activity for your child. Hey! I find this parent blog really interesting. I suggest you have a look too:

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