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Created by Nasrin
Updated on May 07, 2017

one of my student (grade 1) in class is hyperactive, completely disturbing class, getting on desk , fighting, abusive languages, I am behaving so friendly to him. still no improvement. any advice to bring him up

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| May 09, 2017

To me he seems to be a child with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder) as your regular strategies are not working with him. You need to refer him to a developmental paediatrician asap.. Also he may require weekly Occupational therapy sessions to reduce his hyperactivity along with the other classroom strategies that you are planning for him. You can ask his parents to keep a check on his diet. Avoiding red dye in food helps and also foods with lot of added sugars,including sweets and chocolates. Also ensure that he comes to school with a full stomach. It will always help him to concentrate more. Use lot of positive reinforcers like stars, stickers or etc to reinforce slightest of positive behaviour and reinforce heavily. It will work for sure. Always remember if your regular strategies are not working he definitely needs medical attention. All the best.

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| May 08, 2017

Nasrin u have to identify that point when he is about to get out of control and divert his attention immediately by assigning him some work. when a student is complaining about him, tell him/her to say in one line where he/ she spent some good moments with this child , or he helped them or did something good for them. try for a day or two. he will feel good as you yourself have mentioned he gets irritated listening to complaints. he has reached a stage of saturation where complaints further triggers negative response and it's become a vicious cycle so u need to try something that he prefers to listen to.. Nasrin it has to be a team work , and your rest of the class needs to participate in this experiment to see positive results which might take time. it's a challenging task but if u r able to deal with him effectively , u will save lot of energy and time, everyday and also u will change him for good. hope this will be of help to u!

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| May 08, 2017

thanks dear for reply, yes he is extra brilliant student, all recognition love care attention work for only 15 to 20 minutes ,after that goes out of control, never accepts what others say , I think other kids complaining about him all the time in front of him is also making him irritated. I am waiting patiently for his good transformation.

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| May 07, 2017

hi Nasrin! the child has lots of energy and it's just that it's being utilized in the wrong direction. it's advisable to try and make him the monitor and give him responsibilities such as making others quiet, distributing or collecting notebooks from children, noting down names of absent children and sharing it with u, etc. Nasrin u need to praise him for his efforts and make others clap for him for good work. sometimes when children don't get attention they start behaving negatively just to grab it. also identify his strengths and motivate him through those by making him participate in activities in which he is good at such as dance , music, oration, or drama or even sports. if possible get him a certificate or recognition in that. believe in him and show him he can do it. I am sure he will prove it to u, that u were not wrong in believing in him. hope this will help u!

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