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Updated on Jul 26, 2017

My question is.. my baby is 4 months 20 days old.. btw c. sec... actually i previously said i had hand numbness .. so met doctor.. she said it is "carpel tunnel syndrome" which is due to hypothyroidism.. buy i dnt understnad.. within a month how can it been frm normal to hypo As i tested 1 month ago it is normal. Anyways.. now doc gave medicine and wait fr 6 weeks then still not decreased. we can go for small surgery to release pressure.. And also he suggested to loose weight vigourously.. and join gym. My question is .. can i join gym and do workouts like before..

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| Jul 26, 2017

Dear Kalyani take a second opinion from other doctors and nothing wrong in loosing weight in any case but if your baby is delivered by operation then avoid gym now and do some exercise at home only or else normal delivery join gym and start fitness work slowly only.

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