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I am mother of 3 month old baby. I am vegetarian ,so plz suggest me the food I need to eat for having enough milk.

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Created by Sabeeha Subayer
Updated on Aug 08, 2017

suggestions for breast feeding mother

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| Aug 08, 2017

firstly food would not increase the milk. it is water which increases milk. you can eat what your family suggests you in every 2 hours but drink more liquid add jeera and ajwain powder to your water or milk. the more you drink the more it comes. i am a mother of a 11 month baby i am still feeding. he is not taking my breast soi used to take out via breast pump. i strictly said no to formula milk and he is still drinking mine. also the more baby drinks your milk the more breast makes. it is a god gift... the breast milk is automatically takes the schedule of a baby. whenever the baby have it directbor through pump it makes it for the baby. but there should be a time schedule. if the baby is sleeping don't wake him up for feeding pump your breast and store it for him but whatever you do... do it on a regular basis. once you stop feeding the breast will stop making milk.

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| Aug 08, 2017

ho , u can have dalia , mung dal khichri with ghee n jeera . drink milk atleast 2 glass. but last and the most important thing is more ur baby will suck the milk, the more will be the production. it's based on demand n supply. Hope this will help u.

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