I feel my 5yr old son is not very attentive in studies, has somewhat destructive nature and retorts back too.

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Updated on Apr 01, 2020

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| Apr 03, 2020

Hey hi, try to read 1 good small story book before sleeping, avoid long screen time. Some kids v feel r not attentive but when rechecked what taught, he might be able to say it accurately. So don't judge if he is not able to sit for long hours or may be 0. 5 hrs also. Check on the cartoon shows or tv/movie about content of show, child do tent to learn more from cartoon. Its better to talk with kid, that too in slow voice. He may understand.

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| Apr 01, 2020

Hi @R S , I understand your worries as a mother but kid is just five years old. Speak with him and try to understand what mistake they do. The way we behave kids will replicate us. Play with him and give him positive words. Make him to understand what to speak at this age. In studies show him real objects and teach him. Story can be explained with puppets or toys which have at home. Stick alphabets and vegetables pictures in the room. Give him a star in the hand or stick in the wall which gives happy to kid.

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