I found one white hair in my baby's head

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Updated on Jan 23, 2018

Hi, My baby is 18 months old, one day i found a white hair in my baby's head. I am sure that its not from birth & since birth I m using only natural things for her hairs, like curd, sunflower oil, and badam rogan. To wash her hair i use only johnson baby shampoo. Her comb is also seperate, I Dont use any other comb for her. I am not getting that how she have that grey hair at this small age. Please suggest something to treat it.

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| Jan 23, 2018

hi Monika Panwar ! if its just a single strand , nothing much to worry, having said that do keep a watch . please go through the talk given below. hope you will find it useful!Hey! I find this parent talk really interesting. I suggest you have a look too:

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