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I hv taken admission of my son's in international school. 1st he was studying in CBSE.. he is very good in studies bt now in his new school. he is NT studying wel

7 to 11 years

Created by Ankita Wakode Ghyare
Updated on Jul 11, 2017

worried ABT his new school. studies

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| Jul 12, 2017

Hi Ankita, International boards focus more on reading and creative writing to enable the child to think critically in order to express his thoughts and ideas on his own in all the subjects. So at home you may want to help him develop reading and writing habit. In reading it's not just decoding of words. But more about 1) understanding the text, 2) thinking beyond the text i. e inferential comprehension and 3) thinking about the text i. e authors' point of view, theme, intention of text etc in both fiction and non fiction. In writing, it's not only story writing but non fiction writing too such as essays, reports, scientific enquiry etc. You may want to talk to his class teacher to understand their approach and how you can help him at home. It has to be done step by step to gradually develop his reading and writing. So first get to know the expected learning results for his grade and then take it forward.

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| Jul 11, 2017

Ankita! since he is new to this system , he would take time but would finally adjust. be his constant support and motivate him. I am sharing a link with u .hope it will be useful to you! Hey! I find this Parenting blog really interesting. I suggest you have a look too:

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| Jul 11, 2017

worried ABT his new school studies

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