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IB Syllabus and its challenges in high school in india

11 to 16 years

Created by Su
Updated on Oct 14, 2016

I am looking for tuitions/Coaching center for IM classes 8 and class 10 for my kids in Hyderabad. How have you overcome this problem of tutoring kids with IB syllabus. Also, we moved back from the US, and plan to have my kids go back for under grad. Anyone whose kids have done this could share your experiences it would be great. Thanks in advance

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| Oct 19, 2016

Hi Su, give me your contact info to add your name in the group.

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| Oct 19, 2016

Hey Carol, thanks for taking out time. Yes any help is a bonus right now. Please connect me with them

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| Oct 14, 2016

Hi Su, My child has just started his middle years (outside India) and so far there wasnt a need to look for external help as school provides a lot of support. yes I have heard from IB parents in India that it's a great challenge due to lack of support from school on analytical research skills, CAS initiatives (lack of activities within campus that would cover all 3 CAS strands, parents and students are not made aware of the process to be followed to plan ahead, not aware of do's and dont's) , lack of guidance on extended essay again lack of awareness on dos and donts, what mistakes to avoid, no planned timeline for junior and senior year and students spend time on figuring out on their own), college counseling and lack of guidance on writing skills (many kids who are in 9th and 10th grade are not aware of what an argumentative essay looks like or how to write a reflection). So mostly parents go for online coaching classes (they are quiet expensive). We have a FB group (private group) for IB parents where we discuss the challenges and share information on coaching classes/tutors, ACT/ new SAT exams, subject choice, career options, college admissions, scholarships etc. we also had sessions conducted in Bangalore (by parents and college guidance counselors) to share information. I will connect you with the group if you are interested.

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