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Updated on Jun 29, 2012

How much should be the ideal TV time for kids ?

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| Jul 03, 2012

:-)... one more week :-)

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| Jun 30, 2012

thanks Nitin ! Bhavna,I agree during school days I can manage for an hour or even less, but during holidays it doubles and sometimes triples.

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| Jun 29, 2012

As they say all things are good in moderation , sometimes tv really works with the toddler to make them sit in one place , i know i could only finish house work when i used to put my daughter in front of the tv , i can safely say i used the tv as a baby sitter on many occasions... but with time i had to cut the time short on the tv viewing for my daughter. With the vacations on she actually gets to see more than 2 hrs sometimes but on a school day it is a set rule in our house that between the tv/i pad and my computer she can have a choice and she can choose any medium as long as it is for only 1 hour..

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| Jun 29, 2012

for kids younger than 4 it should be less than 30 min,,,for the next 2 years, it can be around an hour or so, and for older children till 10-11 it could be even 2 hours, but ideally not in a single stretch

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