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if a child talk back

7 to 11 years

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Updated on Dec 15, 2016

please suggest if a child talk back

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| Dec 16, 2016

hi Poonam Rathour! hope u r doing good! back talking in children is common for children 6 years and above as they begin to question authority figures and find it difficult to accept rules as it is. to avoid it you could lay down some ground rules and reach a consensus . you could also share consequences in case of disobeying. for instance maximum one hour TV viewing in a day or no outdoor play after 7 p. m. , or maximum limit of gadgets use not more than an hour in a day, dinner time 8p. m. if not followed TV viewing and gadgets use will be reduced 15 minutes each time they don't obey rules. please ensure once u tell them to do something u tell them why u want them to do so and after that leave the room. for instance u have to be awake before 9 a. m. this Saturday, as I want you to organize your rooms after breakfast. Poonam be clear in what u expect from them and if u feel this is leading to backtalk immediately leave the room with a one liner 'no more discussion on this topic'. if u feel they are not convinced u could allow them to discuss the same after a cool down period with their side of the argument. give them a patient ear and then conclude with your last word'. hope this helps!!

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