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Updated on Dec 13, 2013

Hi Everyone,   I have joined Presidium School as a Business Manager. Really enjoying the job after a break. I am being exposed to lot of  information about the schools and CBSE which will help me being a parent. One of the important guideline of CBSE i have read that nursury and prep will be the part of formal schools now though its not mandatory but yes important. Economically its good that we dont have to spend money first in Play school than in formal. In this one time admission u take in any formal school up to 12th class. Pls suggest should i go ahead with Play schools? And also what is the appropriate for the Play school?      

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| Dec 13, 2013

Hi dear Sunny! Well indeed a very gud q. Though I completely agree with u that it is economical to skip play school and straightway put to formal school but play school undoubtedly plays an important role in many ways. ONE: when a child goes to playschool, he/she leaves home away from parents for few hours, so they learn to handle separation anxiety. TWo: they learn to be in a social setting and behave in an acceptable manner. THREE: they learn to be a part of a larger group. FOUR: they learn to express themselves. FIVE: THey are expected to be toilet trained. SIX: they are expected to feed themselves. SEVEN: they learn basic skills such ass holding a crayon, pre number concepts, pre writing skills, in a play way manner. EIGHT: they learn to follow routine. NINE: most importantly they learn they are an individual as they are addressed by their names and they are important. So when a child joins formal school he /she is expected to have learned some of the important pointers if not all and this learning can come from exposure to play school. Hope this helps!

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| Dec 16, 2013

Dear Sunny. I completely agree with what Shikha has said. What I can tell you from my personal experience is that my children have learnt a lot of social skills, good behaviour, languages, table manner, how to work in a group and the like. My children (now almost 2 and 5) had first started playschool at the age of 18 months respectively. My son has been going for two months now and he really likes it there. They also develop a sense of independence, which I think is crucial for their self confidence. Of course, it is your choice at the end of the day, but I would recommend sending your child to the playschool (a well researched one)to help your child transition smoothly into school life. You could send your child to the playschool as early as 18 months just for the mornings to start off with.

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| Dec 21, 2013

thanks a lot for the helpful comments.... i love Parentune its such a useful site that i feel i am not alone in this parent journey... problem with me as a parent is that i think too much for saksham and when i speak out on this site I really feel relaxed..

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