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improve low confidence

7 to 11 years

Created by Sheetal 1287
Updated on Nov 12, 2016

hi my child is low in confidence, how can it be improved

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| Nov 16, 2016

thank you so much Shikha,I am sure it will help me

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| Nov 16, 2016

hi Sheetal! hope u r doing fine! I assume your child to be around 7 years old. you could adopt many methods to help the child in boosting his self confidence. first of all whenever he does something good praise him for his efforts. avoid being critical and refrain from commenting as it could be below your expectations. focus on his strengths. praise him for those. we usually refrain from hugging our children once they grow older. b believe u me they need as much love if not more as they needed earlier. hug him often. make sure u say these lines everyday to him as often as possible. "I love u". "you are special to me". I "am blessed to have u in my life". " I am proud of u". let him express himself. spend some time everyday listening to what happened at school. if he has some hobbies or is interested in some activities make him join those classes. let him participate in competition or stage appearance so that he could overcome his fears. don't force him to do anything if he is not comfortable. display pics of his work, share it with guests, relatives and let him talk about it. Mala I am sure with your love and blessings he will come around soon. tkcare!

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