increase my baby's weight during pregnancy


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Updated on Mar 01, 2019

i'm 30 weeks starting, and my baby's weight is 1. 130gms, i need a list of chart of eatables to increase my baby's weight to 3kgs in 2months, please let me a clear list

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| Mar 01, 2019

hi mrs dhanush !8th month is a very, very delicate time for you and it is important to eat foods with high nutritive value to provide maximum nourishment to the baby. the choices are vast when selecting healthy proteins, including almonds, lean poultry, lean beef, low-mercury fish and dairy foods, including cheese, milk and yogurt. include at least one protein source, such as low-fat cheese or peanut butter, in each meal and snack to promote fetal growth. flax, walnuts, chia seeds, fish oil supplements, seaweed for omega 3 can also be added. the carbohydrates from empty calorie foods like wafers etc. should be minimized .instead caloric-dense foods like legumes, hearty cereals or dried apricots can be used along normal balanced diet. some vegetables, such as white potatoes, corn and peas, are fine in moderation but are part of the starch food group. five to six servings of vegetables and six to eight servings of healthy grains are recommended. these servings vary for each woman depending on her individual calories requirements. doctors around the world recommend a daily intake of 1000 mg of calcium per day for pregnant and lactating women. make sure your pregnancy diet consists of good sources of calcium like dairy products, dark green leafy vegetables, fortified juices and cereals almonds and sesame seeds are included in your diet foods rich in folic acid include kidney beans, lentils, green leafy vegetables, nuts and citrus fruits. foods high in saturated fat should be eliminated during pregnancy. healthy fats like avocado, olive oil and nut butters are beneficial to the mother and the baby to increase fetal weight. two to three servings of healthy fats per day is usually recommended. adding one or two extra servings of healthy fats per day might help add weight to a baby during pregnancy. the cow ghee is an excellent option which increases healthy fat content without increasing blood pressure n cholesterol levels. full cream milk will serve fats and calcium requirements well the natural sugar in fruit makes a great snack during pregnancy . two to three servings of healthy sugars are adequate. limit sweets to one small serving of about 100 calories per day. vitamins and minerals: two servings of milk, one serving of curd would be sufficient for daily calcium and vitamin d requirement. 20-30 minutes’ sun exposure early morning may also help sustain vitamin d levels. one to two servings of green leafy vegetables like spinach would so great to nourish additional iron, b12 and vitamin e requirements. at least one serving seasonal fruits would provide for trace minerals well.. prenatal health supplements a daily multi-vitamin/multi-mineral for pregnant women is advised .  hope this helps!

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