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Archana Kumar
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Updated on Jul 07, 2015

My son enters into his 5th month now. My milk is not enough for him now. Can I start infant formula like Lactogen or Nan Pro. I started feeding him cow's milk. But he gets constipation. So can I give him infant formula. Please give your comments based on your experience.

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| Aug 08, 2015

It is safe to start formula. I did that but see to it your baby doesn't get colic pains. If it agrees with him Nanpro is good and also solids . All the best

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Renuka M

| Aug 04, 2015

It is safe to start formula for 5 months old baby. I started to feed formula for my little one from 2nd months as he was not gaining weight and my pediatrician suggest to start with Lactogen. He gained a ideal weight, when my pediatrician advised me to stop the formula and start with cow's milk. But he was so much liking the taste of formula that he used to refuse for cow's milk. Anyhow, he was almost 8 months old and I had started with solid food, so it didn't make any difference. I stop giving formula and totally relied on solid food and breast feeding. This helped me a lot.

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Leesha Wadhwani

| Jul 09, 2015

This a very good article.. Plz must read...

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| Jul 08, 2015

Hi archana even I came across the same problem... my pediatrician suggested me to start solids for my baby... but still every baby is different. so it is better to check with your pediatrician

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| Jul 08, 2015

Archana Kumar, There should be no harm in feeding formula... even I had started my kid of formula Nan-Pro, but ideally check with your paediatrician once. He will guide you the best.

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| Jul 07, 2015

Hi archana! There have been several instances where mothers have used formula in first 6 months but You should definitely get the peadiac's reccomendation on this.

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