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Info abt schools in Hyderabad

7 to 11 years

Created by Tejaswitha
Updated on Aug 20, 2015

Hello,   We are planning to shift to Hyderabad from banglore. I need few infos abt the schools in Hyderabad. 1. During which months admissions happen in hyd? 2. Please suggest some good schools around Madhapur. 3. Also suggest some schools around medchal.   At present my kid is in 3rd grade @ DPS whitefield.   Looking forward to feedback from Hyd moms. Thanks in Advance   Tejaswitha.  

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| Jan 03, 2018

My Kids are at Oakridge International School Newton, Hyderbad(Gachibowli). They love their school, always had fun and exciting times. Every day something new is store for them at OIS. Trust me, time flies here and kids grow very quickly. If you want a place for your child to be heard, child to be cared and above all appreciated for anything he does(sports\music\Arts\Academics), this is the school. If you want an ambiance for your child to experiment, fail and eventually succeed in anything, please join here. I found my children getting appreciation for everything they do, music, drama, acads. This place is for parents who want a multidimensional kid and a Global Citizen.

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| Aug 23, 2015

Hi Jinni,I have heard chirec is good but difficult to get admission. When the admission will happen in chirec. I am planning to come down to hyd in December. Thanks

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| Aug 23, 2015

Thanks Jinni for your response. Can you please help with the apprx fee structure for the schools which you have mentioned.

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| Aug 22, 2015

Hi, admission starts in the month of November. I am having two kids,both are studying in Chirec. We are happy with the school. It has both cbsc and CI. Madhapur surrounding you have Nasar only for boys that is icse syllabus Chirec Future kids again icse Dps (cbse) Santa Maria(CI) Phoniex greens(cbse) Meridian Glendale And four to five international schools. But I am happy with Chirec. Which is exam free environment till 5th grade. No pressure on children.

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