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Updated on Oct 14, 2015

My daughter is 8months old fell from bed and got hit to forehead and s swollen at right side. She cried loudly for sometime post which drank milk and slept. Should I be worried about any injury to brain?

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| Dec 06, 2015

Hi... My boy is 9 months now... Thank u for ur post. I got my answer here !!!

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| Oct 15, 2015

Don't worry... This is very common occurrences. We once been kids have undergone such falls... But we have come over it and now adults.. This is like initial learning's for our kid and growth.. This means they have started exploring this wiery world soon... Happy parenting!!!!!

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| Oct 14, 2015

If she gets fever or throws up in 24 hours rush to hospital without fail. Otherwise its a part of growing up.

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| Oct 14, 2015

First stop worrying, babies fell down all the time, but you can check her daughter. Usually if she is vomiting, not interesting in feeding and more sleeping after this incident then you need to worry.

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