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Updated on Nov 20, 2018

My elder daughter is 8 yrs old. After my 2nd issue she is alwys feels neglected. Because of family pressure I behaved badly with her. She behaves very badly to others. If she want something then she whine or shouting..... May be she feels insecure. How can I explain her that she is fully secure. And we love her as we love her sister. Both are same for us

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| Nov 20, 2018

hi Rimjhim Roy ! some gestures to make her feel special like decorating her room on her birthday, making cards for her, writing short notes like 'i love u baby'on her lunch box, making her favorite dishes, cooking dishes by taking her help, praising her for her efforts.. saying things like 'u r special to us', give her a good night kiss, hugging her often. .I am sure these efforts from yr end would help her overcome her apprehensions.

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| Dec 15, 2018

Shikha Batra mam.... please give me some suggestions..... ur advices are very helpful to me..

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| Dec 17, 2018

hi Joy mam.... even I felt the same problem after my second baby arrival... u teach her elder daughter to take care of her sister , get help from her n tell both of them have same blood n looks alike... play together .. say some stories ...keep telling I love you.. n ur sister.. u r my world...

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