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Updated on Nov 27, 2017

Q. I don't know if this is the right place to rant out. But I wanted to somewhere. I'm a working woman, I'm feeling insecure because my daughter is getting much close to my MIL. I can only feed her at nights. I'm trying to ask her not to lift her too much and keep her in hand itself, but she always neglects me. My husband also does not understand. Today I just got late to office, so asked my hubby to bath her , but her gave that also to my MIL, will this affect my daughter's affection on me?? she never misses me. Is this common

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| Nov 27, 2017

hi Sumitha Selvaraj ! such feelings are not unusual to go through. however u can assure yourself that she is in safe hands and u r lucky to have a motherly figure for her in yr absence. it would be difficult for u to manage without her being around. trust me she is not competing with you but just doing her responsibility.. and this is her unconditional love for her grandchild which motivates her to go on even at this age . hope this helps! take care!

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