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Created by Nikita Shah
Updated on Dec 22, 2016

my 8yrs old daughter is envious of his three yr old brother. find difficult to handle her often. lot if insecurity feeling has bng filled in her brain.. any solution b4 its too late.

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| Dec 23, 2016

thanks a lot for ur advice on this matter... I Wil surely try it n see HW it works.. keep in touch... happy life.

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| Dec 22, 2016

hi Nikita Shah! I understand your concerns. this is quite normal but if u feel it's affecting her day to day life and her performance in academics as well as her behavior, then u need to bring changes in how you have been dealing with her. spend more time with her . when u hug your little one , hug her too. please ensure whatever u do is in equal proportion for both be it love, rewards , praise or scoldings. avoid scolding one for another or comparisons between both of them. as she is growing up she would need more overt expression of love in the form of hugs. do tell her every now and then how special she is to u, how much u love her and how proud u r of her. share her childhood pics with her, talk about special memories . also work on the bond that siblings share. teach lil one to respect his Didi and talk politely with her. if u have to share your concerns with your daughter, avoid doing it in front of lil one as he might imitate u and treat her disrespectfully. hope this helps

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| Dec 22, 2016

how to handle it.

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