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Updated on Jan 23, 2014

I am having a problem where the my daughter is not taking interest in the study off late. She does well in study when concentrated but off late she is losing concentration.   I had check at back school no such issue happen which could have trigger this. Kindly suggest if anyone had face the such challenge.

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| Jul 09, 2015

Hello friends, My niece underwent a training for brain activation from eduscan brain activation. I have seen major change in concentration, focus,remembrance, interpersonal skills,and many more minute things. She sits for studying herself. Remembers tables fast.. M really happy with the change. To know more u can contact on +918586008001

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| Jul 14, 2014

Thanks this help. It had shown improvement now as few of the factors highlighted were matching with my situation.

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| Jan 23, 2014

Hi Atul! If there is a drastic downfall in grades or performance when compared with previous years it could be an issue worth concern. Underachievement is a common phenomena among children in which they perform below their potential. There could be many psychosocial factors related to it such as home, school or personal factors. Please look for any major change that has taken place at home such as arrival of a new family member, marital discord, tension at home, disciplining style, distraction at home etc. or at school such as not able to adjust with peer group,bullying in class, frequent transition from one school to another, problems related to teachers such as no motivation from their end, etc. or personal related factors such as poor self concept, low motivation to perform, no goal setting etc. u cud discuss with the child and look out for possible reasons and use management strategies to combat academic underachievement. Motivation, love, attention and understanding from parents is what is the need of the hour. Hope this helps!

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