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Created by Paswati Saha
Updated on Nov 10, 2016

my 4year old baby doesn't want to dance in her school but I want her to dance what to do

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| Nov 10, 2016

leave her in her way... if we force her to dance, she can react in opposite way... So give her some time...

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| Nov 10, 2016

hi Paswati Saha! I completely understand your worries. please try and find out why she doesn't want to dance. is she too shy to dance in front of her classmates and teachers? or may be she doesn't want to dance only? or she is not comfortable following the steps as teacher is going too fast and steps are too complicated for her? talk it out with her. give her a chance to explain without scolding her. if u think the reason she gives are valid and she can't actually follow the steps or she is too shy to follow it in front of others , talk to the teacher and ask her to pay special attention to your child and praise her for her efforts. but in case she doesn't want to dance only, let her b. avoid forcing her as that could make her further averse to the whole idea. u could try after few years and may be she develops interest by that time. forcing things on her and half hearted efforts from her end would make your efforts futile eventually. hope this helps!

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