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Interesting Game for below 10 years kids that can help in aptitude development.

Sapna Gupta
7 to 11 years

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Updated on Dec 22, 2015

Christmas holidays are coming. I want to engage my daughters ( 5 yrs an 9 yrs old) in some creative games. They are fond of online/mobile games & cartoon shows which I want to avoid. Can you pl suggest some block building or similar other games which can be of their interest and help in aptitude development also.

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Subrat Patra

| Nov 09, 2016

There a lot of fun games which are educational too. If you are looking at something which helps you do some brain exercise you could try out SochGenie. We at SochGenie try to bridge this gap and have launched the first version of the app which tries to map 20 different skills like Memory, Attention Span, Concentration, Decision Making, Evaluative Thinking, Logical Thinking and many more through a set of 4 simple yet engaging games. You can see your top 5 skills for each game and also the top 5 skills overall in the app. We will be launching our website soon which will highlight the complete set of 20 skills. The Scores are as per the performance of an individual in that particular age group and skills are mapped to the performance in the game as per age groups. Badges are allotted to each skill based on the ranking of the user in that particular age group for that particular skill. And all this is COMPLETELY FREE! Pls do try and review the app at respective stores: Google Play: App Store :

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